Co-Writer/Producer Teal Minton's thoughts on what happened to THE PLAGUE

Hal Masonberg's Director's Statement To Producers

Hal Masonberg's behind-the-scenes-story of THE PLAGUE

In asking Co-Writer/Producer Teal Minton his thoughts on what happened on THE PLAGUE,
he responded with these thoughts:

"What happened on this movie is typical of the Hollywood machine. People start out with the best intentions and quickly become afraid for their jobs, of being criticized, of not making money. They immedietly start trying to please everyone from the audience to their bosses. The problem is they don't actually know what would please any of these people so they come up with some idea based on their past, and go about destroying all the reasons they wanted to make the film in the first place.
"Our goal with writing the script and making the movie was to do something like literary pulp, basically taking a genre b-movie concept and finding the human story in it, giving it some depth and meaning, while still making something that is scary and exciting. In a lot of ways it was a risky film to begin with and we all knew that and discussed it at length.
"As far as we knew everyone involved in the movie was planning to take it to film festivals in order to find distribution. It was never a mainstream horror film but something much smaller with a more specific audience; an independent distributor would know how to market this kind of film to that audience..."

"This is simple: The Writers & Director's cut is better. I spent eight years on this film and it was only through Hal's commitment and vision that it even got made in the first place. That vision remains in this cut and his passion for visual storytelling informs every frame. I believe with all my heart that this incarnation of the film needs to be seen."

--Teal Minton